Auditing & Field Based Support

Auditing & Field Based Support

The social housing sector are legally bound to complete annual landlord gas safety inspections and maintain their electrical installations on an ongoing basis.

Our auditing services offer reassurance that the chosen delivery model is keeping tenants safe by raising and maintaining high standards of workmanship whilst also providing value for money.

With nationwide coverage, unique reporting systems and highly competent staff, Morgan Lambert provide an unrivalled third party auditing service.

Post inspections

Post inspections are the most common method of assessing the quality of works within the social housing sector. Morgan Lambert can provide a complete service for gas, electrical, oil, solid fuel or renewable technologies:

+ Secure file transfer interfacing (for LGSRs, EICRs etc.)
Appointment planning via text message, letters or phone calls
Onsite attendance and completion of mobile tablet software
Automated client/contractor notification of any issues straight from site
Full visibility of audit findings with photographic evidence via web portal
Fully managed corrective action system with independent verification

Work in progress

Work in progress assessments provide the perfect supplement to a robust post inspection regime. Ensuring a philosophy of support and guidance is at the heart of each work in progress visit we undertake. These assessments include:

Underpinning technical knowledge questioning
Adequacy checks of engineers van stock and equipment
Witnessing of the engineers technical operational ability
Reports on the interpersonal relationship skills demonstrated

Further Field Based Support

To ensure a complete technical consultancy package can be provided there are a variety of other technical support services that can support social housing providers:

Appliance replacement verification
Independent review of faulty appliance or system
Independent contractual dispute advice
Fumes investigation reporting
Efficiency assessment of systems & appliances

Commercial Gas

The safe and adequate operation of commercial gas plant rooms is vitally important to social housing providers. Not only does the equipment often serve multiple dwellings, with multiple end customers relying on the heat source, the expense incurred due to inadequate maintenance or installation can be costly. Morgan Lambert can assist to provide:

Commercial Gas Post Inspections – our team of commercially qualified Auditors are on hand to visit any scheme in the UK and provide an independent report on whether recent safety checks or planned preventative maintenance (PPM) checks have been completed competently.

Commercial Gas Condition Reports – long term budget allocation for commercial heating replacement works can be difficult for social housing providers. Emergency plant room upgrades can wipe out annual planned investment spends with one installation. Our condition report process provides clients with detailed reports on the lifespan of each major component within the plant room, complete with budget replacement costs, allowing accurate forecasting of capital expenditure.

Building Services Design & Project Management

When plant rooms require replacement, clients often require multiple quotations from different contractors due to the value of the works. Our experience shows that quotes can vary significantly with contractors all applying their own interpretation as to what needs to be included in the upgrade.

Morgan Lambert can act as Principle Designer under the CDM Regulations 2015 and provide:

A site specific specification of works
A plant room layout drawing using AutoCAD
A costing sheet for the client to use during tender
Project management of the works and appointed contractor including interim site visits and progress report
Final sign off and technical audit

DSEAR Risk Assessments

The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) came into force in December 2002 and the requirements for preparation of risk assessments to determine any hazardous area classification first came into force on 30th June 2003. The regulations apply retrospectively to all installations within workplaces from 30th June 2006.

Morgan Lambert can assist organisations in fulfilling their legal obligations by providing DSEAR risk assessments with management action plans that clearly and concisely set out the remedial actions needed to ensure compliance.

Document Validation

Whether it be landlord gas safety records or electrical inspection condition reports, correctly completed documentation is essential for landlords to ensure that correct safety checks have been carried out competently.

Our new documentation review module will provide social housing providers with assurance on the quality of their documentation. The three stage process is simple:

  1. Establish secure file transfer protocol interface with client/contractor for delivery of documentation
  2. Experienced technical auditor carries out review
  3. Corrective actions process implemented should any failures be identified

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