We are thrilled to be celebrating 25 years of providing gas and electrical safety services to residential properties across the UK. In celebration, we would like to share a glimpse of the last two and half decades and where the company stands today.

Our history dates back to 1994, when the idea to form Morgan Lambert came to the founder Vic Lord. Following an update to the Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations that placed specific duties on Landlord’s, Vic worked closely with the HSE for two years to further interrogate and understand their expectations of this new regulatory requirement. This period of study resulted in Vic developing a Guidance manual for Landlord’s and once this was complete, Morgan Lambert was officially incorporated in October 1997, opening up an office in Preston shortly after.

Morgan Lambert’s first client was Northern Counties Housing Association, who we still work with today under the Guinness Partnership brand, following this more clients slowly followed including Wrekin Housing Trust. The early years were difficult as it can be for many new start-up organisations, but momentum started to gather as Landlord’s became more aware of their legal obligations and key staff were brought into the business to drive growth.

In 2006, following a big contract that had been secured with Selby District Council, Vic opened a Selby branch, located at Brackenholme Business Park, and two years later the Preston team had relocated to Selby.

During 2009, the company reached its first major financial milestone when sales surpassed £1m. At this point, the business created their own digital platform for capturing audit data, which has been lucrative to the company’s successes over the recent period. Vic Lord remained the owner of the company until 2010, when Simon Millington and Mick Lord completed a management buyout.

Simon and Mick introduced a host of new services to the company, in an attempt to drive business growth and provide a more holistic service to our client base. In 2011, Morgan Lambert began to offer similar assurance services to Social Housing in the electrical market. In 2014 a separate business was established to deliver these services and in 2016 this workload was absorbed back into the main Morgan Lambert business. This division continues to be the fasting growing department within the business.

Our sister company, Qualitas Compliance was formed in 2012 and was based at the Science Park in Warrington. Additional Morgan Lambert services were developed including Gas Contract Procurement, Certified Gas Training Courses, Commercial Gas Plantroom Design/Specification & Project Management and arguably one of the most important decisions was to push our services on a national basis, including London and the South East.

Our data led IT system and national auditing approach provided a vast amount of information that could be used to benchmark Gas Contractors and Engineers nationwide. Awards for Excellence schemes were introduced and presented at prestigious industry events which further enhanced organic business growth.

Simon and Mick’s leadership saw the company exceed £2m turnover in 2014, and then £3m in 2015. Three years later, Simon and Mick sold their shares in the company, and in 2021 Morgan Lambert joined Hickton Group.

Today, Morgan Lambert is based just north of the Selby District in a village called Escrick, under the leadership of Lee Bradshaw. Lee has developed a positive partnership with the Directors of Hickton Group and continues to build on the foundations built by others.

New service offerings include DSEAR Risk Assessments alongside Auditing, Consultancy & Training Services for Asbestos, Legionella, Fire Safety and Lift Safety.




  • 1994 – Vic Lord has the idea to form Morgan Lambert
  • 1997 – Morgan Lambert is officially incorporated and an office is opened in Preston
  • 2006 – Big contract secured with Selby District and Vic opens a Selby branch
  • 2009 – Company turnover surpasses £1m
  • 2010 – Simon Millington and Mick Lord complete a management buyout
  • 2011 – Morgan Lambert begin to offer similar assurance services to Social Housing in the electrical market
  • 2012 – Qualitas Compliance was formed
  • 2014 – Simon and Mick’s leadership saw the company exceed £2m turnover
  • 2015 – Company turnover exceeds £3m
  • 2018 – Simon and Mick sell their shares in the company
  • 2021 – Morgan Lambert join Hickton Group