Latest Gas Safe Register Safety Alert Bulletins 

Ideal Boilers 

On 7th March 2024, Gas Safe Register issued a safety alert No. 034 concerning a fault condition on a range of Ideal combination boilers which could lead to the boiler overheating and to fail. 

Ideal Heating has identified a potential risk with some Logic combination and system boilers. The fault relates to a condition where excessive air is trapped in the heat exchanger during a fault condition, although the possibility of this remains extremely low at less than 1 in 10,000.  

The following range of boilers are affected: 

  • Logic Combi²
  • Logic System²
  • Logic + Combi²
  • Logic + System²
  • Logic Max Combi²
  • Logic Max System²
  • iMini²
  • Independent Combi²
  • Keston Combi²
  • Keston System²

This issue only affects models produced between August 2022 and 7th Jan 2024. 

Boilers manufactured before and after this date are not affected. 

Ideal Heating have set up a dedicated support website where customers and engineers can check if a product is affected. If you believe a product to be affected, please visit the support webpage at and enter the products 14-digit serial number.  

Alternatively, contact Ideal Heating for free by telephone on 0808 1759173 with the appliance serial number. The serial number can be found underneath the boiler on the bottom left or on the installation and servicing manual for the boiler left by the installer. 


Morco Open Flued water Heaters 

On 27th April 2024, Gas Safe Register issued a safety alert No. 033 regarding the test nipple screws on Morco water heaters that may not have been correctly operated. This could result in the unintentional release of unburnt gas causing fires, and potential injuries. 

Morco are currently investigating a potential fire risk on their Primo 6 (MP6), Primo 11 (MP11), EUP6 and EUP11 open flued water heaters, due to possible gas leaks igniting and causing the plastic bezel and control knobs to ignite and melt. The early indications point to the test nipple screws (gas inlet and burner pressure) not being tightened and checked correctly for any gas leak as per the installation manuals after the appliances have been commissioned, serviced or maintained. 

Leak detection fluid (LDF) should be used after every time the test points are loosened to ensure a guaranteed seal after screwing tight each type of pressure test nipple screw, ensure that all seals are present for the Primo models. When you are checking the burner pressure test nipple screws for all models, the water heater must be in demand. To complete these checks either a 4mm slotted screwdriver or a Phillips No2 screwdriver will be required. 

If you have any questions or safety concerns, please contact Morco Products Ltd on telephone number 01482 386586 or via email at 

For further information on these alerts, please contact the manufacturers direct or to consult the full safety alert document, log in to Gas Safe Register at and visit the technical information area.