Industry Recognised Qualifications

The back room roles of staff concerned with the management and administration functions of a service contract can be as crucial to your business as the servicing and safety checks themselves.

As an approved training centre for Logic Certification, Morgan Lambert can offer nationally recognised industry related qualifications through the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) route.

Ideally suited to administrators and call centre staff, our Level 2 “Gas Safety Awareness in Social Housing” is an ideal starting point, giving the learner valuable information in some of the technical aspects in relation to gas work and carbon monoxide awareness.

If the role requires a more in depth technical awareness, then our Level 4 “Gas Safety Management in Social Housing” would be the ideal qualification to meet these requirements.

For already established technical staff, we also offer level 3 qualifications in gas work auditing.

Courses on offer

Gas Safety Management in Social Housing – Level 4

Gas Safety Management in Social Housing – Level 4

Aimed at social housing staff that manage or oversee work on gas appliances to give them a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of gas safety, this level 4 course is an assessment based distance learning package leading to a nationally recognised RQF qualification accredited by Logic Certification.

The qualification comprises of five mandatory knowledge units:

  • Combustion and carbon monoxide – an explanation of the combustion process, how carbon monoxide is formed, its effect on the human body and how to spot the danger signs.
  • Flueing and ventilation of gas appliances– an in depth look at the two most important aspects that gas appliances depend on for their safe functioning.
  • Appliances, meters and pipework – an understanding of the different types of appliances, meter and gas installations that are encountered in social housing properties.
  • Gas safety management in social housing – the requirements of social housing providers in relation to all aspects of gas work including employee awareness and quality control.
  • Gas safety legislation – an understanding of industry documentation such as regulations, British standards and how they affect the work carried out in social housing properties.

The course consists of a guided learning session followed by a supported study period in which learners will produce a portfolio of evidence at their preferred pace to support the knowledge gained whilst carrying out their day to day duties in gas safety management. The pass mark is 75% for each unit, in addition to a professional interview in order to achieve the Level 4 award. The guided learning session will usually take place at your own offices

Auditng of Work - Level 3

Auditng of Work – Level 3

The Level 3 Award in Auditing Gas Work and the Level 3 Award in Auditing of a Gas Business’s Work Management Procedures are aimed at learners who wish to demonstrate competence to undertake such audits, and also hold a current and valid certificate of gas safety competence for the range and type of gas appliances and installations to be audited.

The qualifications can be completed separately or simultaneously with a day of classroom learning required for both qualifications plus a remote supported study period. Level 3 Award in Auditing Gas Work – learners are required to complete three examination papers titled Auditing Practices and Principles and a fourth examination paper Technical and Safety Considerations.

Level 3 Award in Auditing of a Gas Business’s Work Management Procedures – learners are required to complete three examination papers titled Auditing Practices and Principles and submit a portfolio of learner evidence.

Gas Safety Awareness in Social Housing – Level 2

Gas Safety Awareness in Social Housing – Level 2

Aimed at non-technical social housing staff, the Level 2 Gas Safety Awareness qualification is ideally suited to anyone who works within the administration or call centre function of gas safety contracts but needs a basic understanding and awareness of the technical aspects of gas.

The objective of this qualification is for learners to;

  • Know the types of gas used in domestic dwellings and the requirements for correct combustion
  • Understand the effects that carbon monoxide can have on the human body

    Know how carbon monoxide detectors should be used to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

    Know how to identify the signs of an appliance which has combustion/flue/ventilation problems

    Understand the requirements for landlords under the gas safety regulations

    Understand the requirements placed upon gas installers to work legally in domestic properties

    Understand the actions necessary in the event of an escape of gas or report of fumes

The course consists of a guided learning session followed by a written examination of which learners must achieve a grade of 75% to receive the level 2 award accredited by Logic Certification.

The training and examination is usually delivered over one day and can be taken at our head office in Selby, or own premises dependent on numbers, followed by an online examination.

Bespoke Courses

Bespoke Courses

Morgan Lambert can bespoke any gas or electrical training course to suit the needs of social housing providers

We always ensure the most up to date course information

Gas and electrical industry standards are constantly changing with updates provided on a regular basis. Working in close conjunction with our award provider Logic Certification, we ensure that all our course content is fully up to date and in line with current regulations, British standards and other codes of practice used within the industry. As we all know, matters of good practice also differ depending sometimes on company procedures and local regulations, and we will take these into account when we are producing and delivering training packages.

With Morgan Lambert training, you can be certain of the best quality and value for your organisation.

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